Local Pension Board

Governance arrangements for pension schemes in the public sector require Norfolk County Council, as an administering authority for the LGPS (Local Government Pension Scheme), to have in place a local pension board.

In Norfolk, our local pension board is known as the Norfolk Pension Fund Pensions Oversight Board.

The role of the board is to assist the Norfolk Pension Fund comply with all the legislative requirements to ensure the scheme is being effectively and efficiently governed and managed.

The board members work with the Council in its role as an administering authority and with the pension fund’s officers to ensure that your pension scheme is being run properly and that you as a member get the right service. To comply with requirements imposed by regulations which are enforced by The Pensions Regulator (TPR), the members of the Pensions Oversight Board are required to maintain their knowledge and understanding of the LGPS and pensions in general, so receive appropriate training.

The Board has an equal number of employer representatives and scheme member representatives. In addition it has an independent chairman to oversee the smooth running of the Board.

Scheme member and employer representatives were appointed to the Board for an initial term of two years, extended to four years.

Please click here to view a copy of the Terms of Reference for the Norfolk Pension Fund Pension Oversight Board.

The members of the board are as follows:


Brian Wigg

Employer Representatives

Cllr Chris Walker: Levying/precepting employers (Poringland Parish Council)

Howard Nelson: Non levying/precepting employers (Diocese of Norwich Education and Academies Trust)

Debbie Beck: Norfolk County Council

Scheme Member Representatives

John Harries: Active/deferred member

Peter Baker: Pensioner member

Rachel Farmer: Trade Union

The first meeting of the Board was held on Tuesday 14 July 2015.