Who runs the Norfolk Pension Fund?

The Norfolk Pension Fund is run by the Norfolk County Council.

This means that Norfolk County Council is the "administering authority" in the Local Government Pension Scheme (LGPS) Regulations.

The Norfolk Pension Fund publishes a Governance Strategy Statement each year which reflects our commitment to transparency and engagement with employers and scheme members

The Council has set up the Norfolk Pension Fund Pensions Committee who act as trustees of the Fund to make decisions and take responsibility for management of the Fund.

In line with all public service pension schemes, each Local Government Pension Scheme (LGPS) fund is required to have a Local Pension Board. The Local Pension Board for the Norfolk Pension Fund is called the Norfolk Pension Fund Pensions Oversight Board.

Administering authorities have to act in the interests of all employers, members and their dependants within the Fund. The role of the administering authority is very similar to that of a trustee.

Administrator of the Norfolk Pension Fund 
Simon George, Executive Director of Finance and Commercial Services, Norfolk County Council 


Head of Service 
Glenn Cossey, Director of the Norfolk Pension Fund, leads the team.


Administration Management
Mark Alexander, Pensions Manager, and Debra Keeling, Pension Member Services Manager, and their team provide benefit administration services to scheme members and participating employers.


Investment Management
Alex Younger, Head of Funding and Investment, and his team manage the Norfolk Pension Fund's investments and accounts, as well as providing support to employers and the Trustees in their stewardship of the Fund. 


Business Management
Jo Quarterman, Business Development and Project Manager, supports the Fund's governance, communication, service development and project management.