Joining the Norfolk Pension Fund

The Norfolk Pension Fund is part of the LGPS (Local Government Pension Scheme). The LGPS is a national pension scheme administered locally by about 100 local authorities on behalf of hundreds of local councils and associated bodies across the UK.

If you are able to join it is a valuable part of your pay and reward package.

Some of the reasons you might want to join the Scheme:

Secure benefits

  • The Scheme provides you with a guaranteed future income. Unlike some schemes your pension is not affected by share prices and stock market fluctuations.
  • Once you take your pension it will go up in line with inflation, protecting you from rising prices.

Employer contributions

  • Your employer pays significant amounts of money into your pension - typically twice as much as your contribution

A low cost to you

  • You can get tax relief on your contributions - including extra amounts you pay to top up your benefits. 
  • You can take a lump sum when you retire, which in most cases will be tax free. 
  • There are no hidden fees or charges - you simply pay a percentage of your pay.  

Benefits for you and your loved ones

  • Protection for you in case you have to take your benefits early through ill health. 
  • Pensions for surviving dependents if you die. 
  • Life cover of three years pay - from the moment you join.

If you are not already a member and you want to join you should speak to your employer.

For more information, please watch the 'What is a pension?' video which explains the importance of saving for later in life, how to join the LGPS and how your employer pays in too.  

Information on other public sector pensions schemes an be found under 'Related links' on this page.