Automatic enrolment Q&A

Why are people being automatically enrolled into a pension scheme?

An employer has to apply automatic enrolment of workers into a workplace pension arrangement start from its 'staging date'.

This is the date that has been allocated to them by The Pensions Regulator (TPR) and is set according to the number of people it employs. As a result not all LGPS employers will have the same 'staging date'. You will need to contact your own employer to find out when it must comply with automatic enrolment, if it hasn’t already done so.

The aim is to encourage people to save towards their retirement and have enough income to enjoy it.

The full State Pension in 2020-21 is £175.20 a week for a single person. This is designed to be a foundation and is unlikely to be enough for most people when they retire.

Will I be put back into the Scheme even if I have previously opted out?

Assuming that you meet the criteria then the answer would be "Yes".

The law requires all employers to automatically re-enrol their workers into a workplace pension every three years if they meet certain requirements. All workers can join the pension scheme at any time if they want to. If you meet the criteria you may be put back into the LGPS even if you have previously decided that being a member is not right for you. If you are automatically enrolled, you can choose to leave the LGPS by opting-out at any time.

Can I join the LGPS if I am not automatically enrolled or re-enrolled?

Yes. If you would like to join the LGPS and you are under age 75, you can do so at any time, regardless of how much you earn or the length of your contract. Please contact your employer if you wish to join or re-join the LGPS.