How much does it cost?

How much it costs you depends on how much you are paid, but it will be between 5.5% and 12.5% of your pensionable pay.

Your rate will depend on which pay band you fall into - please click here to view the contributions rate table.

The real cost to you will be less because you do not pay tax on the amount you pay into your pension. You may also pay a lower rate of National Insurance.

If you work part time or term time you will only pay contributions on your actual pay.

You can use the LGPS 'Contributions calculator' by clicking here to find out the contribution you would pay based on your Annual Pension Pay, pay frequency, Tax Allowance and the section of the Scheme you select (Main or the 50/50 Section). 


Alex works full time and his pensionable pay is £20,000 a year, this puts him in band 2 so he will pay 5.8% of £20,000.

This works out at £96 a month, but the real cost to him will be approximately £77 after taking account of tax relief (based on HMRC limits as at April 2020).

If he worked part time (half the hours) he would only pay 5.5% of his £10,000 pensionable pay.