Your benefits are worked out when you leave the Scheme, based on how long you have been a member and your pay when you leave.

They are then held in the Scheme where they will be reviewed each year and kept in line with the cost of living, until they start to be paid. These benefits are often known as deferred benefits. Find out more about how your deferred benefits are worked out each year as at 31 March.

Each year we will provide you with a statement showing the current value of your deferred benefits.

What happens if I re-join the fund or another public service pension scheme (e.g NHS, Teachers, Civil Service) elsewhere, at a later date?

If you re-join the LGPS you will begin to build up membership towards a new set of benefits, in addition to your existing deferred benefits.

If you are rejoining another public sector pension scheme within five years your deferred membership will be linked to your new membership You will have the option of keeping these two sets of benefits separate and have 12 months from the date you re-join to make your decision.

What happens if I join another occupational pension scheme?

It is possible to transfer your LGPS pension to another pension arrangement. Your new scheme will ‘convert’ the value of your deferred benefit to purchase an additional value in the new scheme.