If you have left the LGPS and are joining another scheme you may wish to consider transferring your LGPS benefits to it. You can even transfer your LGPS pension to an overseas pension scheme provided that it meets certain conditions set by HM Revenue and Customs.

An option to transfer your benefits (other than AVC’s) must be made at least 12 months before your Normal Pension Age.

If a full transfer payment is made you will not be entitled to any further benefits from the LGPS for yourself or your spouse, registered civil partner or, subject to certain qualifying conditions, your eligible cohabiting partner or your eligible children.

For further information regarding transferring out please visit the national website for members of the LGPS in England and Wales

Can I opt out of the Scheme?

Although membership of the Scheme is automatic in many cases, it isn't compulsory, even if you join under automatic-enrolment. You can cancel your membership at any time. This is known as opting-out.


You should be aware that in certain circumstances your employer may be obliged by law to re-enrol you into the LGPS at a later date, even though you have previously opted not to be in the Scheme.


Apart from the main retirement benefits, you will lose out on extras, such as ill health cover. You may wish to get independent financial advice before opting-out. You can find details on independent financial advice on the useful links page.