Leaving before you retire

If you leave the Scheme before you retire, you can choose what to do with your benefits.

The choices you have depend on how long you have been a member.

Less than two years (and have not transferred in pension rights to the Scheme from elsewhere)

On leaving, you have the following options.

  • You can claim a refund of your contributions
  • You may be able to transfer your benefits to a new pension arrangement
  • You can delay your decision until you know what you would like to do - this is known as a frozen refund

Two years or more (or have transferred in pension rights to the Scheme from another pension scheme)

On leaving, you have two options

Multiple employments

If you are a Scheme member for more than one job, and leave one of them, you can once again choose between a deferred benefit in respect of this entitlement (depending on how long you've been a member) or you can transfer the membership to count in the other job.