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What happens if I?


What happens if I move overseas?

We can continue to pay your pension to a UK bank or building society account. We may be able to make payment via an International Payment Service for which you would have to pay a small monthly fee. This is available for most but not all countries. Please note that the amount of pension you’ll receive each month will depend on the exchange rate at the time of each payment.

If you would like to have your pension paid to an overseas bank account please contact us for a form.


What happens if I change my address?

If you change your address please contact us by telephone or email, or you can use the change of name or address form.


What happens if I change my bank or building society details?

If you change your bank or building society details you must let us know by completing the change of bank details form. Please note we can’t take bank or building society changes over the phone.


What happens if I have a question about the amount of income tax I am paying?

Although we can help you understand your tax code, it is Her Majesty’s Revenue & Customs (HMRC) that works out how much income tax you should pay and provides us with the tax code to be applied to your pension. You will need to speak directly to HMRC. You can contact them on 0300 2003300.

You will need

    • your National Insurance number (you can find this on your P60)
    • your PAYE reference number for the Norfolk Pension Fund. This is 531/N3722P.


What happens if I go back to work?

You may need to contact us if you are going back to work in local government, or for an employer where you could become a member of the LGPS. In most cases further employment will not affect your pension but you must tell us if you take up further employment.


What happens if I die?

The Death in retirement section has details about what the person who is looking after your affairs should do when you die, and what further benefits might be payable from the fund.

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