I am being automatically-enrolled/re-enrolled

When you are first automatically enrolled or when you are re-enrolled you have important decisions to make about whether you choose to remain in the Scheme.

Small regular amounts add up over time

You may not have much spare money when you are automatically enrolled or re-enrolled, and saving for your retirement might not be high on your list of priorities at that time.

Being able to join the LGPS can be an advantage, helping you on your way to a reasonable level of income when you retire. But the pension you eventually receive and any other pensions you might have built up may not be enough for you to retire comfortably on.

If you can afford it, it may be worth putting away a bit of extra into your pension each pay day. It doesn't even need to be much, but whatever you put in will build up over time and, you could be thanking yourself later on.

Find out how you can pay extra into your pension.

Whatever decisions you reach about remaining in the Scheme or opting back out of it you should make sure you receive proper financial advice before making any decisions.

Get your pension together

You should keep track of all your pension savings during your career and take time every now and then to plan how much monthly income you think you will need in retirement. The younger you are the harder it will be to plan what you might need, but try to work it out and keep it under review. As you get older you will get a better idea of how much pension you think you will need and if you have planned well it will be easier to reach your goal.


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