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8th May 2024

Digital Midlife MOT

Digital Midlife MOT

Digital Midlife MOT

If you’re aged between 44 and 55, the Government provides a digital Midlife MOT to help you check the status of your work, health and money.

The Midlife MOT uses trusted services, tools and charity resources to help you start thinking about planning your future by focusing on topics such as improving your work-life balance, understanding your pension or making healthy changes for a longer life.

Your work

Fine tune your working life. Find out how flexible working options can fit around you and learn new skills to suit your changing needs.

Your health

Look after your body and mind. Learn about all aspects of your physical and mental fitness to plan for the future.

Your money

Understand your money, pension and any debt. Prioritise your financial security for later life.

To find out more and to use this FREE service, please visit the digital Midlife MOT website at