If you want to transfer your pension you should tell your new scheme that you hold benefits within the Pension Scheme.

  • They will approach us for a transfer value and let you know what the benefits are worth in their scheme.
  • Your new employer or pension scheme will then work with you regarding whether you wish to go ahead with the transfer.
  • If you decide that you want to go ahead with the transfer, they will ask us to pay the transfer payment over to your new pension scheme.
  • There may be time restrictions in place. Check with your new scheme as soon as you join.

Deciding to transfer your benefits is an important decision. You may wish to take independent financial advice.

An option to transfer your benefits (other than AVC’s) must be made at least 12 months before your normal pension age.

If a full transfer payment is made you will not be entitled to any further benefits from the LGPS for yourself or your spouse, registered civil partner or, subject to certain qualifying conditions, your eligible cohabiting partner or your eligible children.

You can transfer your LGPS pension to an overseas pension scheme if it meets certain conditions set by HM Revenue and Customs.

You will also find relevant details in the national website for members of the LGPS in England and Wales.

Multiple employments

If you are a Scheme member for more than one job, and leave one of them, you can choose between a deferred benefit in respect of this entitlement (depending on how long you've been a member) or you can transfer the membership to count in the other job.


You must have less than 2 years Scheme membership and must not have transferred in benefits from another pension scheme, to get a refund of your contributions.

Only your own contributions are refundable, those paid by your employer are not. There will be deductions to account for tax relief and, if applicable, National Insurance.

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